Liberal Studies


Have you ever been in a situation where when you have an idea and you cannot pass it across effectively? Or you have the core skills but can’t manage your emotions?

In this fast paced world, poorly communicated ideas are usually rejected as they do not benefit anyone. This is where the Liberal Studies Department comes in.

Welcome to our department webpage, and learn what we do.

Liberal Studies Department offer trainees courses that help them acquire skills to understand themselves, relate with others, and communicate effectively, whether in private business or employment.

Communication Skills, a core subject for all students taking Diploma and Craft Certificate Courses, enables a trainee to:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively in a work environment
  • Confidently express themselves in writing or orally using a variety of means
  • Diplomatically handle clients and colleagues as well as others outside the workplace.

The department also offers Life Skills (soft skills) to all Certificate and Diploma students. This course helps learners to become self-aware, develop decision making and problem solving and negotiation skills, be a critical thinker and as such, better their employability chances

Another course we offer is General Studies to trainees pursuing Artisan Courses and Craft Certificate in Plumbing. The course combines content from various disciplines including: Business skills to learn how to invest, identify a business location, manage finances and Environment Education, in addition to Communication Skills. The course helps equip students (would be entrepreneurs) with the knowhow of the business world.

Not to brag, but our department is not solely academic. Currently in charge of Drama and Music clubs, and have won the Institution quite a few trophies. Participation in these co-curricular activities help students be all-rounded and hone their public speaking skills.

Staff and responsibilities

Currently, the department has six qualified members of staff with experience and training that ensures students are offered quality training to become useful members of the society.


Head of Department

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