Mathematics and Science Department

The Mathematics and Science Department at Michuki Technical Training Institute is one of the major support departments in the Institution. It offers services to all the technical departments i.e. Electrical Department, Mechanical Department, Institutional Management Department and Building Department, in training of Mathematics and Sciences to the trainees. It has highly qualified, dedicated, vibrant and self-motivated staff, whom include 4 PSC and 5 BOG experienced lecturers with research interests in virtually all the areas of mathematics. The lecturers are always available to provide individualized support to the trainees.

The department has some of the most recent learning resources ranging from Textbooks, past papers and e-books which can be accessed from the institutes’ library and Departmental Staffroom.




The Department intends to expand and start offering courses in the field of Mathematics and Applied Sciences in collaboration with the institution management.

The following are the new courses we intend to introduce:

ü  Certificate course in Science Laboratory Technology.

ü  Diploma in Applied Statistics

ü  Diploma in Applied Biology

ü  Diploma in Analytical Chemistry

ü  Diploma in Industrial Chemistry.

ü  Diploma in Petroleum Geo-Sciences Technology.

We welcome all the prospective trainees to the institution for quality technical and vocation training.


HOD Mathematics and Science

Dr. Ndungu Kuria

University of NairobiICT