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 MICHUKI TECHNICAL TRAINING Institute is an integral part of the society and endeavours to exhibit high social and professional standards. Core Values are the fundamental values or ideals at the heart of Michuki Technical Training Institute that lay the foundation on which the Institute operates. In TVET institutions, Science Technology and Innovation will play a critical role in the realization of the vision 2030. It is with this in mind that the government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education has laid down a strategy to harmonize, implement, guide and coordinate matters of TVET institutions as the basis of the above consideration. 

The overall responsibility of the Deputy Principal is to assist the principal in the management of the institute. Besides the discharge of specific administrative and management duties, the Deputy Principal administration also exercises a leadership and motivational role in the direction of the institute enterprise. Together the Principal and Deputy Principal administration form the senior management team of the institute, he must work in tandem to fulfil the aims and objectives of the institute. 

That teamwork is also broadened to Board of Governors and the Staff whose co-operation and commitment are also vital to the achievement of the goals of the institute. The Deputy Principal administration may be required to deputize for the Principal in his/her absence in all matters organizational/administrative and in relation to discipline within the institute. He works in conjunction with/under the direction of the Principal.


The Deputy Principal Administration offices is open throughout the teaching period and sometimes outside the normal opening hours .This enable him to deal with administrative matters of the trainers and other stakeholders. The Deputy Principal administration , in collaboration with the Principal, have the responsibility for giving Leadership of Teaching & Learning, assist the Principal in developing an institute environment which is supportive of learning and high achievement among the trainees.


Assist the Principal in developing the education aims and objectives of the institute and devising strategies to achieve them, assist the Principal in coordinating the institute plan and policies for approval by the Board of governors, develop a good working relationship with the Principal, the other Deputy Principal, teaching staff and ancillary staff, treat all staff with respect and develop positive relationships.


He also assists the Principal in promoting on-going staff development and identification of the staffing needs of the institute – i.e. teaching and support staff. He also Co- ordinate Staff development and organize calendar of events. He also assists the Principal in advising the Board of governor as to a probationary trainee’s suitability for continued employment in the institute.


He also develops effective communication systems with trainees, trainers, parents and the wider community. Implement the Code of Behaviour and all institute policies with an understanding of their rationale. He also liaises with the institute trainees' representatives on matters relating to the college. He assists the Principal in the day to day management of the institute. Finally, the officer manages visitors, organize meetings, and foresee daily occurrences, maintenance of institute cleanliness among other




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