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DP Academics

The office of the Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Affairs was created in May 2019 in line with MTTI Strategic Plan 2017 -2022. This is in line with the Institute‘s Core Mandate of offering high quality TVET Training. The office is in charge of the core business of MTTI which has to do with timetabling, training and evaluation.

The realization of MTTI vision and mission lies squarely on the shoulders of the Deputy Principal in charge of Academic Affairs (DPAA). MTTI vision is to be a leader in provision of Technical, Industrial, Vocational, and Entrepreneurial Training in Kenya and beyond, while the mission is to provide high quality Technical, Industrial, Vocational, and Entrepreneurial Training in a conducive environment using appropriate Technology to empower trainees for individual and national Development.

The actualization of the aforementioned starts with students applying for admission in Michuki TTI, they must meet the relevant requirements for admission as per the Academic Policy and ISO standard procedures.

To ensure that quality and relevant education is offered to our students, the Deputy Principal (AA) is involved review of the Academic Policy (2020) which advocates for the formation of the Academic Board. The DPAA will chair the board which comprises of the Registrar, Dean of Students, Quality Assurance Officer, Examinations Officer and all Heads of Academic Departments. The board is important as it will spearhead new programmes and courses .Before any programme or course is implemented it will be presented, discussed and critiqued and approved by the Academic Board.

The board will also handle any academic discipline issues from students among other roles. Generally, the board guided by the Academic Policy and ISO procedures of training will ensure that quality training standards are maintained.

In addition the office of the DPAA ensures that termly programmes and timetables are made in time and all lessons are taught   effectively by our lecturers who are not only highly qualified but also committed. It is mandatory for the students to attend classes, undertake assignments, Continuous Assessment Tests and Examinations and Industrial attachment, failure to which they may not meet the course requirements. Only students who have met the Course requirements are allowed to graduate.

There are 6 major Academic Departments under the Deputy Principal (AA) namely:

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Institutional Management
  • Building Construction Department
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Business Department

These Departments are further serviced by Mathematics and Liberal Departments. Examination Department also coordinates examinations for all Departments. Industrial Liaisons office facilitates industrial attachment for all MTTI students.

For ease of management and effective service delivery most of these departments are further divided into sub sections.

MTTI remains dynamic in reviewing new courses in Competency Based Training have been introduced, while those in other areas are in the pipeline according to the proposed Academic policy (2020).

To further facilitate training and holistic development of our trainees there are other Non- academic Departments that play a tremendous role. i.e.

  • Guidance and Counselling Department
  • Sports Department
  • Students’ Welfare Department
  • Students’ Admissions and Records Department
  • Library Department

In the near future the office envisages lobbying for the following:

  • Adoption and Implementation of Academic Policy (2020)
  • An increase in tuition rooms commensurate to the growing students’ population.
  • Increased staffing commensurate to the students’ population
  • Expansion and increased digitalization of reading areas .
  • Increase in Production Units.
  • Establishment of Satellite Colleges in our vicinity – to serve the training needs of the larger Kenyan population.

In conclusion the office of the Deputy Principal Academic Affairs is committed to ensure that Michuki TTI remains true and relevant in ensuring Equity, Access relevance and quality in the programmes and courses we offer.


MS Grace Njuguna


Hair dressing, beauty and clothing fashion
Hair dressing, beauty and clothing fashion
Building department
Building department
Electrical engineering practicals
electrical department
electrical department
Food production science and catering
Food production science and catering
Information communication technology
Information communication technology
Mechanical department
Mechanical department
Michuki TTI view
Michuki TTI view
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