Deans of Students

Dean of Students

The office of the Dean of Students is mainly charged in dealing with matters pertaining to students’ welfare. It forms a link between the students and the administration. The main functions and responsibilities undertaken by the deans office includes:

  • Organizing orientation programmes for new students.
  • Overseeing the organization of the students’ government, clubs, societies, games, and competitions etc.
  • Arranging regular consultative information orientation meetings with the students council, HODs and the Principal
  • Approving students leaves of absence
  • Preparing budget related to co-curricular activities in liaison with the Games Master.
  • Keeping records and correspondences on students issues and welfare
  • Ensuring hostels are well maintained
  • Organizing proper utilization of recreational facilities in liaison with the games master
  • Issuing students with student identity cards
  • Facilitating preparation of institute leaving certificates and certificates of merit.

The dean\'s office works in consultation with the student council on matters concerning the students welfare, recreation and everything that concerns the students. it has seen the office install a DSTV screen in the Hall where students can keep themselves in touch with various programmes and current affairs.


MR Michael Ndunda

Dean of Students.


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