Guidance and Counselling

Guidance and Counseling

MICHUKI TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTE has very active Guidance and Counseling which comprises of eleven members taken from all the existing departments in the institute. The main objective of the department is to assist students and the entire Michuki TTI community in developing self knowledge, emotional acceptance and development. The department seeks to address and resolve students’ problems as well as assisting them cope in times of crisis so that they can remain focused on their academic pursuits.


The counseling department is responsible for developing and overseeing Michuki TTI counseling services, implementing peer counseling programmes guiding and counseling students on the following issues

1. Personal issues

2. Developmental issues

3. Inter personal issues

4. Spiritual issues

5. Identity issues

To ensure holistic growth, G& C department organizes personal development forums and team building activities where individuals get a chance of growing emotionally socially and morally.

The G &C department seeks to equip the Michuki TTI community and neighborhood with life skills which helps them to deal with issues such as Alcoholism, HIV/AIDS, Drug Abuse and other emerging societal issues.

In Michuki TTI we strongly, believe that behavior change is the way forward.

The G&C department encourages students to form the Christian Union, Catholic Action and Muslim Group for their spiritual nourishment. A well balanced spiritual student is ensured of good performance in their academic work.

It is our wish for all students to attain Michuki Motto “Professional and Technical Skills to Empower”

MR. Ngechu

Guidance & Counseling Coordinator

University of NairobiICT